1. This past April I photographed the band Fucked Up inbetween their soundcheck and their set for Spex Magazine's July/August Issue. Thanks to Christoph at Spex for asking me to do the shoot and Tim O’connell for assisting me.

  2. mossfull:

    Cover 1: Justin Kaneps

    Help us choose a cover a win a free copy of Issue Three!

    One of my images from In Our Veins is a contender for  Mossless’ The United States book cover. If you have a minute please shoot Mossless an email with your pick for the cover, voting ends on Monday! 

  3. Bodie ~ August 2013

  4. Evan ~ 2014

  5. Rodger Ballen ~ Asylum of the Birds

  6. Edward Burtynsky - Xiaolangdi Dam, Yellow River, Henan Province, China 2011

  7. Untitled 2013  From Work In Progress

  8. Meadowlands - Joshua Lutz 

  9. sfmoma:


    Amy Harrity


    from the new series F e e l i n g s

    Very excited for Amy’s new project, you should check out her work! 

  11. Coast of California - 2013 

    Found an old roll of Fuji 800z, boy do I miss that film.

  12. From The Peak - 2013 

    I started dabbling on a new project. I’ve constrained myself to 4 parking lots in this microcosm of the entire Bay Area. 

  13. mpdrolet:

    From Revolver SS12

    Carlos Chavarria

    Carlos has the magic touch.

    (via carlos-chavarria)

  14. Bodie, California


  15. (Source: Spotify)